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I finally met Guy Garvey!

Well, we’re pretty much a month down the line from the Brexit vote, we have a new Prime Minister and not a day goes by when there’s not some huge story either on the political front or some new terrorist activity.

All pretty depressing stuff for certain and its hard sometimes to see beyond where we will be a year down the line.

Yet despite all the doom and gloom, we’ve had some brilliant sporting success in the last few weeks; Wales going against the odds and reaching their first semi-final in Euro 2016, Andy Murray the new mens Wimbledon champion again, and Chris Froome still as yellow jersey holder in the Tour De France. My nephew was ball boy too, even did a stint at the mens final, hopefully I will be getting some nice Ralph Lauren freebie soon.

Not forgetting of course the Rio Olympics are just around the corner! All inspiring stuff! My sons are wielding tennis rackets wildly so cross the garden at your peril 🙂

Its been a great few weeks for me with music too. Field Day festival was just brilliant! I went on the Sunday with my old mate Alan and regardless of the boggy ground and grossly over priced beer (fiver for a tin of red stripe!), it was worth every penny of the ticket price. I totally love John Grant and PJ Harvey so having them on the same bill was wonderful. Lots of other great artists there too but very happy I saw Steve Mason. I hear he is at Cambridge Junction in October so I may need to make the visit.

My pinnacle? I finally, finally FINALLY!! got to meet the wonderful Guy Garvey! He was the curator at this year’s Meltdown Festival at the Royal Festival Hall and following his solo concert on the Friday I managed to catch up with him and his lovely new wife Rachael Stirling before they went in to their after show party. Both me and my brother did get a bit giddy, felt like teenagers meeting One Direction, but he was a true gent. Had a lovely photo with him and he kindly signed my set list. I went to bed a very happy woman!

On holiday next week so more soon! We have tidied up the website a little and after Marcus’s huge busy work schedule, we will be looking to change things a lot!

Thank you for your continued support