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Philanthropic Parking, Beer, Wedding Present and Good Friends

This was a story that broke this week and warmed the cockles of my heart.

It was so nice to hear a business man buying a car park then allowing it to be used for free. This gesture was done purely to “give something back”.  I hope his business and those in his local community see the benefits of this. Car parking is a major issue no matter where you are here in the UK and of course there are opportunities aplenty for businesses and individuals to rent theirs for money. Nevertheless is someone is willing to share space for free then that’s a winner in my book.

In other Spareground news, it’s been the simple pleasures in life that have appeased; good beer, good company and good music. This weekend saw the Cambridge Beer Festival draw to a close after a week of rain free days and payday loaded punters. Sadly for me, leaving it to Friday meant I missed out on a couple of beers I fancied trying, Wimbledon Common Pale Ale from Wimbledon Brewery and the Tiny Rebel’s Cereal Killer ‘Breakfast’ IPA. (Their terminology, not mine). Both stocks were completely wiped out by Friday.

Nevermind, the Bristol Beer Factory’s ‘Sunrise’ and Crafty Beers’ “Sauvignon Blonde’ made more than worthy replacements!

Sunday evening was spent seeing a band I have loved for years, but only seen once back in 1990! If you love good old shake your bones, rattle your ears guitar music then you may be familiar with The Wedding Present. As I am now a bit too delicate to mosh these days, Cambridge Junction 2 was the ideal venue. I sat at the back with a perfect view, my good friend headed to the front.  Both of us happy. Support band Deadwall put in a great opening shift before David Gedge and co took to the stage. The gig went through the whole Saturnalia album before visiting some of their back catalogue favourites, Kennedy, Brassneck etc as well as a track off the upcoming September 2016 release “Going, going”. .  Lucky for us, we met David Gedge afterwards. Both of us probably got a bit star struck but he’s a great guy and didn’t seem to mind us fawning too much. 😀

Yes, my mate Alan. We’ve been pals for thirty years now, and it’s been cracking to have a weekend largely with him, beer and the Wedding Present!

Life’s simple pleasures.

Still, it’s work tomorrow and I am off to Riga in Latvia for a few days , soul filled with contentment and gratitude.

Here’s a photo of the Wedding Present taken from the comfort of my seat.