Making the most of available space


What’s the Spareground website all about then?

It’s easy. This website allows any individual or organisation to list or search for available space.

Generally, it mainly refers to land, storage, parking or accommodation but it could ultimately mean anything.

Have some spare land at the side of your house doing nothing? Then list it as available for allotment or storage of a car for example.

Need somewhere for your band to rehearse or somewhere to keep a caravan, then create a wanted listing.

These examples are only scraping the surface of the potential opportunities. Check the site and you will see for yourselves the kind of listings we have. Nothing is off limits as long as its legal!

We do not make any charges at all for using this site, it’s free to everyone to use.

The aim is to make the most of what we have; share it, or if you want to then make some extra cash from it.

Easy, simple, hassle free and kind to us all!

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