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Happy Birthday Spareground

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Here we are in 2016, where the Spareground website celebrates its 10th birthday.

10 years down the line, its been worked on, left, worked on a bit more, left even longer yet despite this, the website is still ticking along!

We are still being found by those who want to list or search for space of whatever description.

A thought occurred to me recently, is Spareground still relevant in 2016? There have been many ‘sharing’ websites that have come and gone in this time and you sometimes wonder if we have become a little self absorbed and selfish to the point where the idea of someone sharing our space or even using our space for a fee is abhorrent.

Yet listings are still happening and this is with no jazzy marketing or promotions, no celebrity endorsements or connections to the media of any form. It makes you think that with a good push in the UK, what could happen?

So here we are,… still. New blog site and new content to follow.Who knows what else.


Author: spareground

Simple, free, no hassle website for searching and listing all spare space.

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